VIRGINIA BEACH - A group of retired Special Warfare operators has produced a film and ad campaign criticizing the Obama administration for giving out too many details about the Bin Laden raid.

The Op Sec Education Fund raised about a million dollars for the production called Dishonorable Disclosures, which features retired military commandos like former SEAL Scott Taylor of Va. Beach.

'When you talk about what specific clandestine unit, what vehicle they took, how many people in the group, what their tactics were -- that's compromising national security,' he stated.

Taylor ran unsuccessfully as a Republican for the 2nd Congressional District seat in 2010.

The Obama campaign provided retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Lawrence Ewing Jr. of Va. Beach to respond to allegations in the 22-minute film.

His son is in the Army and currently deployed. Ewing says he'd have to do some research but doesn't think the president was the one who leaked information.

He does question who is backing the project.

'This video didn't cost peanuts,' he said.

The film has its Hampton Roads premiere on Wednesday, August 22, at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center. It's also on YouTube.

The Fund's website says its mission is to 'stop politicians, including President Obama, from politically capitalizing on US national security operations and secrets' and to 'educate the public about the importance and necessity of operational secrecy in today's environment.'

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