VIRGINIA BEACH -- The film criticizing the Obama Administration for allegedly leaking sensitive military information premiered Wednesday night at the Westin Hotel.

Among the viewers who liked the film was the mother of a former SEAL, Diane Paradise.

'It's not good for our country and it's definitely not good for an administration who's done this,' said Paradise of the purported leaks.

The film, called 'Dishonorable Disclosures,' was produced by former military commandos who blame the White House for potentially compromising national security by releasing too many details about the takedown of Osama Bin Laden and other covert military operations.

The White House flatly denies this claim.

'When you talk about what specific clandestine unit, what vehicle they took, how many people were in the group, what they got on the target what their tactics were, that's compromising national security,' said Scott Taylor, former Navy Seal.

Taylor is featured in the film along with other retired special warfare operators.

He is also president of OP-SEC, the group that raised about a million dollars to produce the film.

Taylor says this is not a personal criticism of the president, but a criticism of his failure to crack down on leaks.

'Our hope is to educate the public on the potential devestation of these leaks,' said Taylor.

In President Obama's recent one-on-one interview with 13News Military reporter Mike Gooding, he dismissed the movie as a partisan film.

'I won't take this film too seriously, I gather that one of the producers is a birther who still doesn't think I was born in this country, you've got one who was a republican candidate for office and a proud card carrying member of the tea party,' said the president.

The president went on to say that he is committed to cracking down on any leaks that compromise military operations.
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