PORTSMOUTH - Leola Veale is closer to getting a $456 refund from a Norfolk hardware store.

Last month, contractors installed a roof on her Portsmouth home. Her son James took the unused materials, mainly shingles, back to Goldberg Hardware. She also paid the $48 restocking fee for returning the extra materials.

Veale expected an immediate refund. Instead, James was told it would take ten days.

A month and half later, Veale is still waiting and called the 13News Troubleshooters.

'I need my money and I want my money,' says Veale.

Veale spent $2,500 at the store. All the more reason, she believes, she shouldn't be having problems getting a refund.

James was told to call the owner, but he says the owner never returned any of his calls.

An employee at the store acknowledged the refund was still outstanding but couldn't say exactly why. He did mention thestore had fallen on hard times.

A day after 13News visited the store, Veale got a phone call from store employees telling her a refund check would be cut and that she needed to sign for it.

While she won't be happy until she has it in hand, but for now, she's a lot more hopeful.

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