NORFOLK -- In less than two months, voters go to the polls to choose the president and congressional representatives.

There are three people vying for the 1st Congressional District seat - incumbent Rob Wittman (R), Democrat Adam Cook and Independent Gail 'For Rail' Parker.

Defense and the military are top of mind this election year because automatic cuts could kick in July 2, 2013, costing the state 207,000 jobs.

'I do not want to wait for a lame duck session of Congress,' he said. ' Should have been done months ago, but here we are at the ninth hour, wait for a way to set those cuts aside.'

Cook says blame for the problem can be placed squarely at Wittman's door because he voted for the Budget Control Act.

'The fact that the members that were there thought that Congress was going to actually come up with a solution and were willing to take a risk, risk not only to our national security but also a risk to Virginia's economy, on Congress being able to come up with a bipartisan solution in an election year seems o me to be pretty naive and dangerous,' Cook stated.

When asked, Parker chose to focus her comments on the need for improved rail transportation.

You can learn more about the 1st Congressional District candidates on Sunday, Sept. 23 at Noon here on Channel 13. It's the first in our 'Vote 2012' shows which will air every Sunday until the election.

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