NORFOLK-- Kevin O'Conner launched O'Conner Brewing in Norfolk on St. Patrick's Day 2010. His sales this year are three years ahead of schedule.

O'Conner says local restaurants seem to like his beer.

'Right now you're starting to see restaurants put in 20 taps instead of the original 3 or 4. Every restaurant that opens up seems to want to bring it on.'

O'Conner brewing is up to six different brands and introduced a new Punkleweisse Pumpkin flavor .

'When the economy took a downturn there's a lot of, 'Buy local, buy fresh, support local' and I think the timing was perfect with us,' O'Conner said.

'Quite frankly, we start our days at three o'clock in the morning and sometimes don't get out of here till midnight. The lights barely go off in this building,' he added.

One customer joked the election year is making him drink a litle more.

'Quite frankly I am so tired of the commercials I definitely need an extra beer,' said Chris Durkin.

A new law in Virginia now allows tours, tastings and retail sales on the premises.

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