CHESAPEAKE - What do you do with your old cell phone? Isit worth anything?

You can find out in just a few moment by going to an Eco-ATM. There's one at Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake.

Josh Ottwent to the machine, provided the information about his SmartPhone and waited for the ATMto scan and complete the process.

He was impressed when it offered $180.00 for the phone.

'I have like my old iPhones and everything like thatjust gathering dust in a closet. So I could take these things in and probably make an easy 500 dollars,' said Ott.

Brian Osgood was offered $16.00 for his old phone.

'Iwouldhave guessed it would have been worth more than that, but you never know onthis recycling stuff,'he stated.

The Eco-ATMhas been at the mall for about a month.

'I think it's clever. I think it's great there'seven such a vehicle to help recycle told old cell phones,' said Greenbrier's General Manager Harvey Lindsay

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