WINDSOR-- Trooper is a rescue horse who has seen much better days.

His current owner, Kay Burnett at Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue, says a large tumor started developing in the horse's nostril last year.

'The first vet had never seen anything like it before,' said Burnett. 'I would say he's a medical nightmare for some people.'

In the last few days, Trooper managed to squeeze the tumor out of his nostril, but already two more are growing back.

Burnett has brought in several veterinarians, even surgeons from Virginia Tech, to see if they can save the horse before it's too late.

Nobody knows if the tumor is cancerous, but the typically fun-loving and active horse has not been himself.

'It could flip over to his other nostril. That's when we would have a serious, serious problem,' said Burnett.

Her rescue currently cannot afford surgery for Trooper which is estimated to be anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

Burnett says Trooper is more than just a family member. He's a therapy horse used to help the terminally ill.

'The only way he can get better is if we get it surgically removed.'

You can contact Kay Burnett at Heaven Scent Equine and Animal Rescue via email:

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