ACCOMACK COUNTY -- State Police are investigating an abandoned structure fire that happened Friday night in Onley.

The fire occurred around 10:09 p.m. in the 26000 block of Redwood Road. Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Intelligence is investigating the incident.

Officials are trying to determine if this arson is connected to a string of recent arson fires across the county.

Below is a list of the arson fires that began last month:


11/12/12 26000 Block of Dennis Drive Parksley
11/13/12 7300 block of Neal Parker Road Withams
11/13/12 23000 block of Drummonds Mill Road Greenbush
11/13/12 25000 block of Johnson Road Parksley
11/13/12 27000 block of Savannah Road Hallwood
11/15/12 26000 block of Mason Road Bloxom
11/15/12 20000 block of Fox Grove Road Parksley
11/15/12 16000 block of Hollies Church Road Melfa
11/17/12 27000 block of Withams Road Withams
11/17/12 18000 block of Metompkin Road Parksley
11/17/12 29000 block of Seaside Road Melfa
11/17/12 3500 block of Davis Road New Church
11/18/12 4600 block of Fleming Road Horntown
11/19/12 17000 block of Hopeton Road Parksley
11/19/12 23000 block of Drummond Lane Accomac
11/21/12 24000 block of Matthews Road Parksley
11/21/12 27000 block of Mt. Nebo Road Onancock
11/22/12 29000 block of Beacon Road Melfa
11/24/12 5300 block of Holland Road New Church
11/28/12 29000 block of Race Track Road Melfa
11/29/12 Merry Branch Road near Rte. 316 Tasley
11/30/12 24000 block of Church Road Accomac
11/30/12 23000 block of Belinda Road Sanford
12/2/12 31000 Boston Road Painter

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