NEWPORT NEWS--The Commonwealth's Attorneys office has cleared four police officers in a shooting during a traffic stop in December.

The shooting happened at 35th Street and Madison on Dec. 12th. .

Corey Moody, who was wanted on a federal warrant in reference to dangerous drugs, was shot by police when he did not obey commands from officers. He suffered a wound to his left thigh and one to his back. The wound to his back resulted in a spinal cord injury.

One of the officers was hit by multiple bullet fragments during the incident. He was struck on the right side of his face resulting in multiple lacerations as well as a fractured nose.

The officer was treated and released from Riverside Regional Medical Center. Moody also was taken to the hospital for treatment.

An officer and his partner pulled over the BMW that Moody was driving in a traffic stop about 7:00 p.m. at the 35th Street ramp onto I-664.

According to a release, Moody was shot when he failed to stop reaching for something in the car's center console as commanded by officers on the scene.

Moody's car also lunged forward with an officer still inside one of the windows.

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