VIRGINIA BEACH-- It's almost a Charlie Brown Christmas story for one Virginia Beach native. His efforts to spread some holiday cheer paid off.

Sunday, Paul Bohannon was decorating a tree at Mount Trashmore. 'Somebody had talked about it on Facebook, and I had heard it from other people weeks ago. I kept thinking myself why, you know why don't they have a Christmas tree?'

Bohannon sought out the Virginia Beach parks and recreation department. They gave him a permit, and a tree. They also gave him a condition that he needed $500,000 worth of liability insurance.

Gary Byler heard about Bohannon's idea, and he jumped in to help bring back a tradition. 'Back in the day, we used to go up on top of the hill and put ornaments on it. I remember that as a little boy.'

Mount Trashmore already has some decorations. 'For years people have always seen the menorah and they like the menorah. I love the menorah, but I want to see a Christmas tree. So now we got a Christmas tree for Christmas and a menorah for Hanukah.'

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