VIRGINIA BEACH-- Someone broke into the home of a Virginia Beach family Tuesday night and stole all of their Christmas presents along with an iPad that their wheelchair-bound 8-year-old uses to communicate with her parents.

Quintanna Beisel has Angelman's Syndrome and uses a special app on the iPad to communicate with her family, teachers, and friends. The tablet also contained all of her medical information.

Her mother Melissa explains, 'It will say 'I'm thirsty,' 'I need a jacket' and she presses it and she knows how to use it. It's just for her to communicate her wants and needs.'

Michael Beisel found his Christmas tree on the floor when he returned home from work. He thought it may have fallen and it wasn't until he walked into a ransacked bedroom that he realized someone had broken in.

Beisel says his pride was also violated because for the first time in years he didn't need help providing his family presents. 'I'm a tow-truck driver and for the last three weeks I've been bringing home a lot of money and that just got thrown out the door.'

His daughters Mackenzie and Elizabeth still believe Santa will make it somehow, but whether he'll be able to replace their sister's special iPad is questionable.

Police believe the suspect(s) got in through a back window.

Melissa Beisel says she's confused by it all. 'I'm trying to figure out why somebody would do this a week before Christmas.'

Melissa is grateful they didn't take away her daughter's faith that Santa Claus will show up either way.

Michael says he won't call police if somebody gives them back their gifts and iPad. 'All I ask is that before Christmas Eve, please put these presents on my step.'

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