CHESAPEAKE - People began going through their belongings Thursday to see what could be salvaged after fire swept through a Chesapeake storage facility.

32 units at Brentwood Self-Storage on N. George Washington Highway were damaged or destroyed in Saturday night's fire.

Investigators said fire started in a unit where heating lamps were used to keep six pet snakes warm.

Some of Becky Phelps' items can't be replaced.

'The flag off of his daddy's grave, his daddy's casket, my husband's shadow box from the navy when he retired was in there,' she said.

For others, Christmas presents went up in flames.

'Children shouldn't have to suffer and four years old and eleven years old, they need to have Christmas,' added Shelly Peabody.

Restoration crews also were at the business to help people determine what can be salvaged.

Shane Shaw hunted for whatever was salvageable. He lost several items in the flames but he considers himself lucky. 'Fortunately our insurance will cover most of the losses.'

Shaw felt compassion for those who didn't have insurance coverage. James Brand was one of those people. He looked at his charred 1976 Pioneer stereo system from the rubble with sadness but felt relieved to find photos.

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