NORFOLK-- Pearl Beamer's business card refers to her rescue mission as 'Sacred Friends Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education.' This time of year, she is concerned about people using pellet guns they received as Christmas gifts to shoot migratory birds.

Beamer wants to get the word out to use their guns safely.

'This guy was shot in the right wing with a pellet gun, and he's still got the shrapnel in there 'cause it's in tiny, tiny pieces. If we tried to remove it, it would do more damage than good,' says Beamer.

She's heard from other wildlife experts that pellet guns as gifts can lead to an increased number of injuries and even death.

Beamer warns, 'Because shooting these guys is a federal offense, and all birds are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Act, it could cost several thousand dollars in fines and a time in jail.'

Her friend Noah Meyers brought Beamer an injured cormorant that had been shot with a pellet gun.

'You probably want to shoot at targets, 'cause these birds are protected and become injured,' said Meyers.

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