NORFOLK-- Nicole Flowers came home with her kids the night of Dec.19 to find her home had been broken into.

'Things were thrown all over the place and things were broken unnecessarily. The curtains and everything were ripped down, closet doors were yanked off,' said Flowers.

She said everything from electronics and video games to handbags and jewelry were taken.

Flowers said the thieves broke her daughter's bedroom window to gain access inside her home.

'Basically they were just taking everything in and out of this window,' said Flowers.

Shortly after her home invasion she realized she wasn't the only victim.

Word spread among residents of the Barraud Park area of Norfolk that other people had been burglarized too.

According to the Norfolk Police Department's Crimeview database, there were eight other reported burglaries between Dec. 19 and 23.

Flowers' neighbor Andre Walker thinks the crimes are being committed by someone in the neighborhood.

'I guess if I didn't have dogs they'd probably try to break in my house, because it's somebody around here, because they know when people go to work. It ain't like it's a chance thing,' said Walker.

Flowers said she's not concerned about getting her stolen things back, but wants her neighbors to look out for each other.

'It was just a matter of letting the community know and the neighborhood know what's going on so that they can be more aware,' said Flowers.

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