VIRGINIA BEACH Dozens of moms are showing their support for the right to breast feed in public.

'One mom gets harassed, bullied or embarrassed in public so we all come together to support her,' Candy Thompson explained.

The attention comes after a woman in Texas says a store manager harassed her for breast feeding her baby. In response, moms in Virginia Beach planned a 'nurse in.' The ladies organized outside the Hollister store in the Lynnhaven mall.

'In this country that we live in, everything is so sexualized. We shouldn't belittle someone for doing something that's so natural,' Danielle Owens remarked.

The women who showed up nursed their babies outside the store. They hope to educate folks about breast feeding. 'As moms we just want to do the very best for our children, and for a lot of us that's breastfeeding.'

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