VIRGINIA BEACH-- There have been two shootings near Lynnhaven Mall this week and that has some shoppers nervous.

'Somebody said, 'Where are you going?' and I said, 'Up Lynnhaven' and they said 'Oh,'' said Sally Daniel explained while eating lunch near the mall.

Daniel said her co-workers were worried about the location because it is right next to Rally's restaurant where two brothers were found Tuesday shot to death.

'They had some concerns and people will show their concern by not coming,' said Daniel.

The popular shopping and restaurant area near Lynnhaven Mall also saw gun violence on Monday when a man was shot walking near the Valero gas station.

'I was pretty shocked because this is a great area, I've lived around here my whole life,' says Matt Tole.

Virginia Beach police say the two shootings are not related, yet when some people see flowers in front of Rally's, they can't help but wonder what's going on in their neighborhood.

'There's a double homicide here, there's a shooting at that gas station on the corner, it sucks,' says Kevin Warren.

He says as a father he's fearful something else bad might happen.

'I got two young teenagers. I want them to be able to walk to the mall but now I'm worried about if I'm even going to let them do that anymore,' says Warren.

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