AHOSKIE,NC - An Ahoskie school that closed for two days because of the flu reopened Tuesday.

'I'm happy to hear we are back up and running,' said Chris Aycock, the headmaster at Ridgecroft School.

65 students and seven teachers were home with the flu on Tuesday, so he decided to call off school for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was a teacher work day and Monday was the Dr. King holiday, so that was six days for people to recover.

It also gave the school time to get crews in to sanitize the building.

Great idea! I was planning on keeping mine home to hopefully prevent him from getting it anyway,' mom Jenny Vaughan wrote on theschool's Facebook page.

'It's amazing how fast this creeps up on you. Being a small school, we have a list of substitutes that we can always call on. This all happened so fast, that people would be in one day and out the next,' Aycock said. 'Parents were appreciative of our action. I'm sure a few had to make other arrangements, babysitting things like that, but I'd rather have everyone be healthy.'

Some parents were concerned about kids having to make up the days missed. However, the school has five extra days included in the year for weather and cancellations.

Four students were absent Tuesday, - two had colds and two were on vacation, Aycock said.

Ridgecroft School has children from pre-K3 and 4 through 12th grade.

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