CHESAPEAKE --Thieves took five heat pumps from a free neighborhood clinic that offers medical and dental care.

Executive Director Cathy Revell is trying to figure out who would have the heart to steal air and heating units from a place that serves those who don't qualify for medical insurance.

Last year the Chesapeake Care Clinic served 1800 patients, but as a nonprofit group most of their funding goes towards the cost of patient treatments.

The recent financial loss of the units could begin impacting the number of patients they can help.

Revell says she discovered the first four units were taken after an electrician stopped by to perform some work.

The very next night thieves managed to steal a fifth unit. Revell says police told her that criminals steal heating and air units for the copper.

Staff at the clinic are now using a few space heaters to provide some comfort from the chilly weather, but patients and employees are still having to bundle up while inside the building.

For now, the clinic is taking donations for new units and to install security lights and cameras.

If you would like to donate to the clinic contact them at 757-545-5700 or check out their website at

Anyone with information about the thefts should contact police.

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