What is it? a suction tool that is used to remove moisture and wax from your ears

What does it claim? to be a gentle and effective ear cleaner that is safe and easy to use

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Joseph Floyd III

What Are The Instructions? First thing you need to do is insert two 'AA' batteries in the battery compartment at the base of the WaxVac. Next attach a clean silicone tip by firmly pressing the tip onto the nozzle of the ear cleaner unit. Be careful not to damage the silicone tip during this process. Then push the switch to the 'ON' position. Now insert the WaxVac into the ear. Do NOT insert the nozzle more than one eighth of and inch into the ear canal. Focus on removing the moisture/debris located on the visible outside area of the ear canal. You can continue this process until the majority of the moisture/debris has been removed. The process usually takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes. If it takes longer it's recommended you consult a physician. (If you hear a high pitched whistle when you do this you need to remove and dispose of the silicone tip. Also it's a good idea to keep a cup of hot water nearby in case the nozzle becomes clogged. Drawing hot water into the WaxVac may help clear the clog. Be sure not to immerse the unit in water.)

Once the suction is complete just remove the silicone tip from the nozzle and sterilize them by either soaking them in isopropyl alcohol and allowing them to air dry or immersing them in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Next you need to twist and pull the safety guard and cap counterclockwise to remove. Just know the first time doing this the seal on the cap may be tight. Before you clean the main unit make sure the battery compartment is shut. Then wipe water and debris from inside the cap with a soft cloth saturated with a mild solution of soap and water. Do not immerse the WaxVac unit in water. Rinse the parts thoroughly with warm tap water to remove any soap or disinfectant residue. If you want to further sanitize the device, wipe down the parts with a paper towel moistened with the isopropyl alcohol and allow it to air dry. Then clean the filter with the cleaning brush. Replace the cap and safety guard. Then if you are not planning to use the unit for an extended length of time be sure to take the batteries out.

Did it work? Mr. Floyd was impressed. He had seen the commercial for WaxVac and wondered if it could be as good as it sounded. He found it to be easy to use and he really felt like it did a great job cleaning his ear. He said when he turned the WaxVac on it felt a little like a massage in his ear. But his favorite thing about the WaxVac was that he felt like, for him, it was a safer way to clean his ear than using a cotton swab. With a cotton swab he said he always worried he was going to put it in too far and damage his eardrum. He said with the WaxVac he didn't have that concern.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the WaxVac at Bath & Beyond for $9.99.

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