VIRGINIA BEACH-- It's a week before Valentine's Day and that had Joe thinking about the perfect job. He decided to try his hand at being a chocolatier.

This is prime time for candy stores like Schakolad in the London Bridge section of Virginia Beach.

Joe says his training was all about dipping truffles and strawberries and using all sorts of delicious chocolate.

Joe learned that dark chocolate is better for you than plain milk chocolate.

'There's more antioxidants in one ounce of dark chocolate than you would find in a handful of blueberries,' said Schakolad owner Julie Keller.

Believe it or not, there are seventy different kinds of truffles in their store.

Joe did his best dipping them in milk chocolate and the owners told Joe he may be trainable.

Joe says he really just wanted to give people idea's for Valentine's Day.

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