NEWPORT NEWS-- Virginia Senator Mark Warner said today he is 'pretty darn frustrated' with the possibility of massive defense cuts, two weeks before the deadline for sequestration.

Warner met today in Washington with the President and Chief Executive Officer of Huntington Ingalls, the parent corporation of Newport News Shipbuilding.

The 20,000 workers at the shipyard are concerned about recent developments related to the federal budget, including the Navy's plan to delay overhaul work on the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

United Steelworkers Union Local 8888 President Arnold Outlaw calls the news 'grim.'

'We were told last year we've got work though 2020, and now all of a sudden it looks like everything is pushed back, and we're worried,' Outlaw said. 'Prayerfully, they're going to come together and fix this for us soon.'

Warner said he hopes some compromise can be reached to avert sequestration.

'We will have an alternative that replaces sequester with a mix of revenues, some additional defense cuts, not as many as are in the sequester and some other domestic cuts, and I hope we can get it through,' Warner said.

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