SURRY COUNTY - Surry County Animal Control is investigating how a dog was shot in the head Sunday night.

Tracy Terry says that the dog's owner must be found as officials try to determine if the shooting was intentional or accidental.

X-rays show a bullet entered her nose and lodged at the base of her head near her spinal cord.

Jay Gunn with Dogs Deserve Better says a neighbor found the dog on his property near the Jamestown Ferry. It'smicrochipped, but the chip isn't registered.

At first Gunn didn't believe the dog, which is at a clinic in Smithfield, was going to survive but that outlook has changed.

Dr. Kathryn Bouvier from Rogers Veterinary Hospital says with some pain medication and antibiotics, the dog they've nicknamed 'Honey,' could make a full recovery.

'As far as injuries, probably nothing permanent right now, as long as the bullet fragment doesn't move. That's the only thing that could potentially happen because it is right at the spinal cord,' says Bouvier.

Anyone with information about the dog or its owner should call Surry County Animal Control at (757) 294-5264.

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