ELIZABETH CITY, NC - Valentine's Day at P.W. Moore Elementary School started out like any other day for fifth graders Antoine Stokley and Zion Price. It ended with Stokley saving Price's life.

Price popped a Jolly Rancher in his mouth and then picked up his books and headed to the library. At that same time, Stokley was in computer lab.

Price was passing the lab and started choking on the hard candy. He couldn't breathe; he dropped his books and fell to the floor gasping for air.

Stokley saw what was happening and ran into the hall to help.

'When I was in my classroom on the computer I saw my friend Zion. He was walking to the library and he was choking. His books fell on the ground and I ran. I saw him and then I ran out of the classroom and patted him on the back four times hard,' Stokley explained.

He hit Price on the back until the piece of candy dislodged from his throat.

'If it wasn't for him I dint even know if Id be here right now,' Price said.

The youngster said he learned how to help someone who was choking from his P.E. teacher Ms. Wilhelmina Cartwright. Cartwright teaches the students lifesaving skills like the Heimlich.

'Myself and all teachers, we work so hard trying to instill things in the students and when we see it come to life it's like, yes,' said Cartwright.

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