VIRGINIA BEACH - A man wanted in Norfolk was apprehended Wednesday after police forced their way into a Virginia Beach apartment to end a five-hour standoff.

Police thought 43-year-old Michael Augustus Jr. might have a weapon and he was refusing to come out of the unit at Chase Arbor apartments.

The standoff began around 8:15 a.m. and soon after, police started evacuating nearby units as a precaution. Then the SWAT team was called in around 10:45 a.m.

Jessica Evans says she looked out her bedroom window and she saw several police officers pointing their guns towards her neighbor's apartment. Then she got a phone call.

'They (police) had called me, asked me if I was on the first floor ready to evacuate. I said no. They asked me if I was on the second floor, I said yes. The officer paused. He said 'there's going to be a cop there knocking on your door ready to get you out. Get everything you need and leave,'' she recalled.

She and her boyfriend got out, only to learn that the suspect was hiding in the attic above her bedroom closet.

'... that's the last thing that would cross my mind - that there's a criminal above my bed,' she said.

The situation rattled her boyfriend Richard Hosack.

'You gotta think this is our first place together, you know. It was going absolutely fine. We have a place in Virginia Beach, last thing we're thinking about is some parole violator coming through out attic. Let's be real. How would you feel if a parole violator came out of your attic?,' he said.

Augustus was captured without resistance.

Norfolk Police spokesman Officer Chris Amos says the Fugitive Squad went to pick Augustus up for a parole violation.

Evans says she and Hosack don't plan to return to their apartment.

The standoff forced police closed the road at Green Meadows and Chase Arbor Commons for the standoff, leaving no access into the complex.

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