VIRGINIA BEACH-A costume designer, a Confederate soldier and the doctor who pronounced the president's death, we talked live on 13News Daybreak with actors from Hampton Roads who played a part in LINCOLN.

Judi Flowers from Portsmouth was one of the costumers. She helped to sew and maintain the costumes, fittings. She helped with Sally Field's costumes.

Bob Shepherd from Hampton had a speaking role, playing the doctor who pronounced President Lincoln dead towards the end of the film. He says they shot that scene about 25 times and he worked closely with Director Steven Spielberg. Shepherd is retired and was stationed at Fort Monroe.

Hunter Maddox from Va. Beach was one of about 200 extras for Civil War battle scenes. He portrayed a Confederate and a Union soldier. He says they each had a fight partner and met the partner a month before they shot the big battle scenes to learn orchestrated fight moves.

He called it one of the most exciting experiences of his life and got to shake Spielberg's hand.

Eleanor Drew from Charlottesville was Sally Field's stand-in.

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