MANTEO, NC -- A boy is being praised after saving a young cat's life.

Wendell Overton had seen the black-and-white cat in the neighborhood before.

'He was watching the cat for a few weeks and he said 'Mom, if I can get my hands on him, can I save him?,' his mother Julia said.

Little did he know he would literally save the cat's life. Wendell came upon four boys, between the ages of 5 and 13, who were throwing the cat in the air, running over him with their bicycles and squirting an energy drink in his face, said John Graves with the Outer Banks SPCA.

Overton said her son was scared the cat was really hurt.

'He said 'Mom, this cat is going to die. We need to save it.'

'He stopped the attack, took the cat home, told his mother and they called, but it was after hours, so they took the cat to Roanoke Island Animal Clinic,' he said.

The cat, now named 'Jackson,' is recovering at the SPCA.

'He was a lucky cat. He's got some bruising and some cuts to his paws. He's resting comfortably, eating like a king and will be looking for a new home soon,' Graves stated.

As for the two boys, Graves said no charges are being pursued right now. He said SPCA officials went to their school on Tuesday and then talked with the boys and their parents at home.

'Jackson' cannot be adopted until Wednesday morning, after the mandatory hold passes for him to be claimed as someone's pet.

The SPCA can't say enough about his bravery.

'Jackson' was saved by Wendell's compassion and bravery. Please join us in giving Wendell a hand!, the group wrote on its Facebook page.

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