RICHMOND-- Sen. Ralph Northam is circulating an online petition urging Gov. Bob McDonnell to remove the $100 hybrid fee from the new transportation plan.

The bill requires drivers with hybrids to pay a $100 fee every year. The idea is that these car owners fuel up less and essentially pay less in gas taxes.

Only McDonnell can remove the hybrid fee during the legislative veto session on April 3 in Richmond.

'The governor is continuing to review the full transportation bill. We appreciate the input from these lawmakers and those who signed the petition,' spokesman Paul Shanks told on Thursday.

Northam believes the hybrid fee 'unfairly punishes Virginians who are actively protecting our environment and lessening our dependence on foreign oil.'

Northam, who is running for lieutenant governor, said, 'If the Governor chooses to leave this backward-looking fee in place, I will make its elimination one of my top priorities as Virginia's next Lieutenant Governor.'

Click here to see the online petition.

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