WASHINGTON, DC - Alleging that Mo Money Taxes promotes a culture of volume and profits over accuracy and integrity, the Department of Justice is moving to shut it down.

The government lawsuit accuses the company, its owners,and a store manager of encouraging Mo Money tax preparers to:
Falsely claim the earned-income credit
Claim improper filing status
Claim bogus education credits
Improperly prepare returns using paystubs rather than employer-issued W-2 forms
Fabricate bogus W-2 forms
File tax returns without customers' consent
Sell false and deceptive loan products
Charge deceptive and unconscionable fees.

Rep. Bobby Scott (D-3rd D.)and other legislators had asked the DOJ and the Internal Revenue Service to investigate after numerous complaints from customers in Virginia and other states.

Rep. Scott, in a statement, said 'I hope this action will provide some measure of justice to those who were victimized by Mo Money's activities.'

At one time, the Memphis, Tennessee-based tax-preparation company operated 300 offices in 18 states. They had a half dozen locations in Norfolk.

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