VIRGINIA BEACH--Police say they have seen a rise in heroin related deaths since August of 2012.The say they are concerned with the high number specifically related to the use of heroin.

Since August, there has been an increase in heroin overdoses resulting in eight deaths. The deaths were five men ranging in age from 26 to 47 years old and three women from ages 23 to 26. The drug use is not specific to any one area of the city.

Police say they do not know why there has been an increase in heroin deaths, considering there has not been an increase of heroin coming through the city.

Police are encouraging people with substance abuse issues, both alcohol and drugs, to take advantage of the number of resources available not only for themselves but for their family.

There are programs through their Human Services Department of Va. Beach which include Mental Health Substance Abuse Programs. Contact the departmentat 757-385-0888 or go to the department's website.

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