HAMPTON ROADS--Springtime in Hampton Roads typically means wild swings in the weather hot one day and chilly the next.

But this spring has been unusual, and it's all because of the Arctic Oscillation and the Greenland Block.

When a meteorologist talks about a block in the atmosphere, it's just like a block on the interstate, and nothing can get by.

In this case, a large blocking high pressure has been situated over Greenland. This causes the jet stream to buckle and bend, and cold air to come streaming down out of Canada.

This creates a storm 'traffic jam' and storms can no longer move west to east, as they normally do.

Storms can stall for days, bringing a prolonged period of rain or snow to one area, while other locations see days and days of sunshine.

There are signs that this pattern is starting to break down and more typical Spring weather is in the future.

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