CHESAPEAKE--- A take-charge good Samaritan's actions may have saved a family's life.

As Loryn Duncan-Marcil was driving down Battlefield Boulevard in Chesapeake running work-related errands, she noticed a huge shed-type garage in flames, just a few feet from house.

Duncan-Marcil wasted little time to help. She immediately, 'Stopped in the middle of the road, blocked traffic, called 911, honked my horn, helped get the people out of the house and then pulled off and hit these other two houses because the wind was blowing pretty strong, and evacuated the houses that had people in them yelled at them like I was their mother and gave them directions.'

Nick Masterson, his wife and 4-year old son had no idea about the fire and they're grateful for Duncan-Marcil's fast actions.

'She was out front hollering fire and what's your address?' said Masterson, 'She was really the savior, she called (911) before we did. So randomly driving by good Samaritan.'

Duncan-Marcil attributes her fast thinking action to fire drills conducted at her workplace.

'Oddly enough', she said, 'I've been doing fire drills every month of my life for the last 22-years because I work in long term care and we're required to do them every month and just instinct kicked in.'

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