CHESAPEAKE-- You see it almost every weekend this month: girls in sparkly gowns and guys in tuxedos dressed up for high school prom.

For this milestone, some students and parents rent limos.

'The first advice I give to them is to make sure the company is listed on the DMV website. Make sure they are properly licensed. Second is to make an appointment and inspect the vehicle being offered to them.' Robert Hunter, Chesapeake Limo company owner, said.

It was the unthinkable when five women died May 4th in that limo fire in the San Francisco Bay area. For 30 years, Robert Hunter has operated limos in Chesapeake. He has been relentless in his fight to make sure limo companies play by the rules.

'The commercial drivers license program issued years ago basically took away the requirement for a chauffeurs license. So right now there's nothing keeping convicted felons or drivers with DUI's from getting behind the wheel of limousines.'

The Federal Motor Carrier safety administration requires a sign, listing passenger capacity on the limo's rear door. Hunter explained the DMV has stepped up enforcement of the laws of its motor carrier division, but it's still a long road ahead.

'There are so many problems out there and it's not just the limousine industry, but it's all aspects of passenger and property carriers.'

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