RICHMOND---VDOT's 511 traffic information service promises accurate, quick information over the phone, but many drivers say it's anything but that.

'I wanted 64 and it gave me a completely different road,' said Brandon Newsome.

The department released the new version of the automated 511 system one year ago.

'The automation best reacts to numbers,' said program manager Scott Cowherd. 'The best way for it to react is to use the identifier of the number, like 64 for Interstate 64.'

Cowherd listened to 13News' recordings of the system mixing up interstates, even when users followed that advice.

While we found people frustrated with the service, VDOT's feedback tells a different story.

'We've only received 28 to 30 negative comments out of 156,000 calls,' Cowherd said.

VDOT says it relies on feedback from users. You can comment by dialing 5-1-1 and waiting for the command/prompt.

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