NEWPORT NEWS -- Police are looking for 3 people they believe are responsible for carjacking, abducting, and robbing a sailor Friday, May 17.

The sailor called officers from the area of Pocahontas Drive and Flint Drive at about 10:30 p.m.

He used the cell phone of someone who lives there, someone who asked 13News to refer to her only as 'Nicole.'

Nicole was outside her home with some other people when she said the sailor approached them, giving them a short version of what happened.

'At first, I was like, 'What? That's crazy,' and, then, I just looked at him. I was like, he looked too terrified to be lying about something like that,' Nicole said.

Officers told 13News the sailor met a woman known only as 'Chantz' on Craigslist and made arrangements to meet her in Denbigh.

When he met her, she got into the front seat of his car and two black men got into the rear. The group had a child with them. 'Chantz' told the victim she needed to run an errand which involved dropping off the child. He agreed to help her, and and drove to an apartment where they left the child.

Afterwards, one of the men drew a black revolver and made the victim get in the passenger seat while 'Chantz' drove. They forced the sailor to give her his credit union Visa Card and Personal Identification Number.

'Chantz' drove to the sailor's credit union where she withdrew money from his account. A short time later, they dropped the sailor off near Nicole's house.

'Told him they were gonna leave his car in the neighborhood, and he was walking around looking for it. He couldn't find it, and he was , like, hiding behind the car every time a car came by. He thought he was gonna get, like, shot up,' recalled Nicole.

Police located the car at about midnight, just a couple of blocks away from where the sailor called them.

Officers said 'Chantz' also took the victim's cellphone, keys, a Carlo Robelli 6 string guitar, and a digital camera.

Police released the following descriptions:

Suspect #1: a black female, in her early twenties, skinny, 5'3 to 5'5'' tall, 125 lbs, wearing blue jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt.

Suspect #2: a black male, in his early twenties, dark skin, 5'10' tall, 175 pounds, with dreads or cornrows, dark clothing and carrying a short barrel revolver.

Suspect #3: a black male, in his early twenties, 5'10' tall, 175 pounds, wearing jeans and a sweat shirt.

Police are ask anyone with information to call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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