PORTSMOUTH-- Joe was training with Chris Cowden, a Harley-Davidson technician who is so experienced, Harley has called him for engine information.

Cowden has worked at Bayside Harley-Davidson in Portsmouth for 13 years and loves his job!

'It's a good responsibility, it's a big responsibility, because these people are entrusting us with their safety. There's only two wheels, so there isn't as much room for error with bikes as there is when I was working on cars,' said Cowden.

The motorcycle Joe was working on came out of the 'garage-ma-hall,' as they call it at Bayside. It needed a simple oil change. Joe thought it was going to be a basic job.

Chris said to undo the dipstick handle to allow the oil to drain faster. That's when Joe ran into a slight problem.

'Go ahead and slide the pan as far forward as you can,' urged Cowden.

Cowden slid the pan, unbeknownst to Joe, so Joe slid it even further. Uh-oh! There was a big puddle of oil now next to the pan. All this drama and Joe was only changing the oil.

'It takes somebody who is meticulous, pays a lot of attention to detail and is patient, because a lot of this work is routine work. Oil changes are oil changes and tires are tires,' said Bayside Harley-Davidson General Manager Kevin Johnson.

Finally, it was time to fire it up and return the oil-changed Harley to the 'garage-ma-hall.'

'As a rule, they don't break down like they used to. They are more reliable. And you just get on them and go and have fun,' said Johnson.

It was a short trip back for the motorcycle, but when Cowden was asked how Joe would do working on Harley's, his answer was even shorter.

'You need a lot of work,' said Cowden. 'It's the attitude. Attitude is everything,' concluded Cowden.

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