VIRGINIA BEACH-- Guadalajara restaurant closed Sunday night following a deadly shooting at Town Center.

Last Sunday, a man was shot and killed near the restaurant. Several other people were hurt. While police haven't connected the restaurant with the shooting, owner Jerry Rodriguez thought it would be best to close. 'The shooting did have an effect on us closing at an earlier time, but this was planned before any of this happened.'

Guadalajara has been open in Town Center for seven years. A few years ago, the restaurant made headlines after a shooting during Michael Vick's birthday party.

Rodriguez explained he alone decided to shutdown his restaurant, but he hopes to rehire as many workers as he can with a new restaurant. 'I have other business pursuits I could do, but I owe it to them.'

In the next several weeks, Rodriguez said he will decide on whether to open a new restaurant in the same location. He explained the new business would focus on healthy, fresh foods. A night club would not be included.

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