What is it? an attachment for your hair dryer that lets you dry and curl your hair in one step

What does it claim? to use 'air vortex technology' to create luscious curls in just seconds, so you can go from flat to fabulous

Who tested it? 11-year-old Katie McCallum. and her mom Pattie McCallum

What Are The Instructions? Start with a clean head of hair. Make sure that your roots are dry but your hair is damp. You can mist your hair with water if you need to and use a styling product like a curl activator if you need to. Now part your hair into two equal sections. Starting at the back of your head,make a horizontal part and clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Place a section of hair into the Air Curler bowl. Turn your hairdryer on medium heat setting with high wind speed. DO NOT USE HIGH HEAT.

Make sure the air nozzle is pointing away from your head and positioned in the desired curl direction. If any curl comes out of the bowl, lightly guide it with your hand to stay inside. Do not let it come out the bottom hole. Do not cover the hole on the bottom with your hand. Just let your hair lightly bounce against the walls of the Air Curler bowl as it spins in the vortex of air.

Keep it spinning for about 10-15 seconds and then turn on the 'cool' air setting for 10-20 seconds. This lets the hair cuticle close and shines your hair .

DO NOT leave your hair dryer running. Turn it off and then take another section of hair and repeat the process.

Leave curls alone until you finish and then use holding spray to set you curls and create your own style - whether it's for a big event or casual night out.

The manufacturer says results may vary, depending on the length and texture of your hair and the kind of dryer you use.

The Air Curler is NOT intended to stand on the counter while it's attached to your hair dryer and make sure you turn the hairdryer off when the unit gets too hot!

Did it work? The McCallums were really excited to try the Air Curler. Unfortunately the final results were not so exciting. Mrs. McCallum had to help Katie get the back of her hair curled using the Air Curler. It was little difficult for Katie to get around there and then still be able to operate the hair dryer. She thought with a little practice she might be able to do it though.

Katie did operate the Air Curler on the front part of her hair and she did get curls, but they didn't last. She was expecting more from the Air Curler than she got. She says it was fun to play with and her mom thought maybe someone with shorter hair might have better results.

Bottom line, they wasn't impressed. Katie said it would probably be fun to use for a sleepover with friends, but it wouldn't be worth the trouble for her.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Air Curler at Walmart for $14.88.

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