SMITHFIELD - A fox was shot and killed after it attacked a 70-year-old Smithfield woman and an Isle of Wight County sheriff's deputy.

It happened around 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 2, on Waterworks Road.

The fox first attacked Thelma Shivers' cat and then tried to get into her home.

'I threw the broom out at it. When I threw that broom out, the cat was able to escape. The fox saw me standing at my door. He came to me, but I was able to get in the door,' she recounted.

Thelma called for help, but the fox had disappeared by the time two deputies arrived.

As they were about to leave, they heard her scream. Thelma had gone out to move her car closer to the house so she could safely leave in the morning and the fox jumped into the car and attacked.

Because the door was still open, she fell out of the car and the deputies tried to get the fox off her.

'The fox was so busy on me, I was just kicking and screaming,' she said.

The fox then jumped onto Dep. C.J. Griffin. Luckily, it bit the handcuff case on his duty belt and didn't bite him. Griffin was able to shake the fox off and it ran away. That's when the deputies shot it.

A lab determined the fox was rabid and Shivers is being treated for rabies.

'I could have been dead. I wasn't thinking except to just survive. I was going to fight my way out of this. I called 'help me, help me.' Thank God the officer kept him in place. I'm thankful to the officers for their help, and thankful to the Lord for keeping them in place to come to my rescue. I have always loved the Lord.'

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