VIRGINIA BEACH - Donna Gearey has been diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 stomach cancer.

As Donna has been a big supporter of Kempsville PONY Baseball and Kempsville High School baseball and softball, members of the league and community have stepped up to support Donna and her children, Katie and Jacob, by organizing a fundraiser to help them through this challenge.

On August 24th starting at 10:00am, there will be a hit-a-thon at Providence Park between several different teams, including the KPB Colt All-Star team, KHS baseball team, and the KHS softball team. The players will seek monetary donations based on the distance they can hit a baseball/softball. Each player with get 10 swings, and the distance of their longest hit will be used to determine the exact contribution. For example, if someone agrees to pay $0.10 per foot of distance, and their player's longest hit is 300 feet, then their donation would equal $30.

Enjoy the hit-a-thon festivities at Providence Park. In addition to the hit-a-thon, there will be a dunk booth to dunk your favorite coach and other activities to make this an enjoyable day and to raise as much money as possible for Donna and her children, Katie and Jacob.

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