NEWPORT NEWS-The new soccer field at Peninsula Catholic High School in Newport News is a mess.

The principal said people driving trucks did donuts, driving deep ruts in part of the field.

'This means the school is without athletic fields. This was the first real field we were going to have,' said Molly Bowes, director of Development and Marketing.

The field was completed on Wednesday and the ribbon cutting and blessing by the school priest was planned for 4:00 p.m. Thursday.

The new field is sod, we don't know if we can use it for the rest of the season, she added.

Peninsula Catholic is celebrating its 110th anniversary on October 5th and there were plans to play an alumni game on the new field.

'It's a little bit of a setback for us, a disappointment for the boys who were supposed to play this afternoon on the field, and a disappointment for the community who raised funds for it. We will try to keep our chin up,' Bowes added.

Bowes told 13News Now that police have caught three of the four suspects. The officer on the case was expected to have information on that Thursday afternoon.

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