What is it? a specially-designed container with a french fry cutter built into it

What does it claim? to be a one-step french fry cutter that gives you 'natural cut' fries in seconds

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Dr. Julie Findlay

What Are The Instructions? You first need to make sure you thoroughly wash all the parts of the Perfect Fries. Now you're ready to go. Place the unit on a hard, even surface. It's recommended that you use a cutting board, then cut a small tip off the end of the potato, fruit or vegetable you plan to use. Place the flat end of the potato on the center of the Blade Tray, and slightly press down into the blades to secure. The diameter of the potato or other produce must be smaller than the blade surface area. Now position the pushing lid over the potato. Use the palm of one hand on the Pushing Lid with the second hand placed over the top to push down quickly and firmly. The force needed will depend on the size and firmness of the potato, fruit or vegetable. It's important to note here that you should always use the Pushing Lid when cutting.

After you've finished cutting use the Cleaning Tool to remove any bits from the Pushing Teeth and blades.

To completely clean and disassemble Perfect Fries use the included cleaning tool to remove the Pushing Teeth by inserting the Tool into the hole on the top of the Pushing Lid, then push down to release. From inside the base unit, use the Cleaning Tool to push the Blade Tray up and out of the Base Unit.

Use the Cleaning Tool to remove excess bits and pieces from Pushing Teeth and blades. Remember the blades are sharp so use caution when handling. Carefully remove the Pushing Teeth and the Blade Tray. You can wash it in hot soapy water or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Once Perfect Fries is clean and dry you can reassemble it by placing the Pushing Teeth back into the unit and use the tool to secure it back into position. Place the Blade Tray on the Base Unit from the top being sure to keep the sharp side of the blades up. Then using the tool push down from side to side to secure into place.

Did it work? Findlaywas not so impressed. While she did like the even cut of the potatoes and zucchini she put in the Perfect Fries, it certainly took her more than 'seconds' to make it work. It actually took a lot of strength to really push some of the vegetables through. She found that making sure the food being cut fit perfectly into the Perfect Fries container was key.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase Perfect Fries at Walgreens for $9.99.

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