NORFOLK -- 13News Now is preparing to air Healthcare: The Bottom Line to answer questions about the Affordable Care Act, which goes into effect January 1, 2014.

There are almost one million Virginians without health insurance and many wonder if they'll be eligible to enroll. Patrick Robbins, 26, is one of them.

Robbins is at the cut-off age for dependents who are allowed to be covered on their parents' insurance plan.

'A lot of jobs, they aren't offering healthcare, especially to part-time workers,' Robbins said.

He wonders if he is eligible for the Affordable Care Act. So does 53-year-old Sandra Davis, who is uninsured. 'I'm going to enroll most definitely, as bad as I need health insurance,' Davis said.

Depending on a person's income, a subsidy will help some people buy insurance on the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. Small businesses can also shop there. There are several plans to choose from beginning October 1.

Many are wondering what benefits will be covered by the plans and if they will be able to pick their own doctors.

The Medicaid 'coverage gap' will affect many uninsured because the state is not expanding its Medicaid services to a larger population.

Chuck Hall is a member of the governor's commission that came up with recommendations for state leaders concerning healthcare reform.

'We still have one of the most restrictive eligibility plans for Medicaid in the country,' Hall said.

Thousands are expected to be left without a plan.

For more information on who qualifies for the Affordable Care Act, how to sign up and how much it will cost you, visit our Healthcare Reform section and watch Healthcare: The Bottom LineThursday, September 26, at 7 p.m. on ABC13.

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