VIRGINIA BEACH- 'I didn't feel like waiting. I've never seen it this crowded before,' Cathy Ebreo told 13News Now.

That seemed to be the consensus of shoppers at the nasOceana Commissary Tuesday night.

Because of the government shutdown, it and commissaries throughout the area will not open for business Wednesday and they will stay closed until further notice.

'I stocked up today,' said Kimberly Osborne, who is in the Navy. 'Tried to get some of the freezer items, the meats, and the milks, and stuff like that.'

Shoppers found major discounts on perishable items. The attempt to clear out those items and not waste them was the main reason commissaries were open for business Tuesday.

'It's frustrating to see that, people not doing what they're supposed to be doing for the people,' said Melvin White, referring to the situation in Washington.

White retired from the United States Coast Guard.

'It seems like it's personal agendas going on up there, just targeting the President, as if he can't do anything right,' White shared. 'Just have these guys do what they're supposed to do, and get this thing together. Come to an agreement.'

Stores outside the U.S. will remain open.

For additional information, go to the Commissary Website.

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