NORFOLK-Upgrades to the storm drain system can't be done soon enough for many people living in one Norfolk neighborhood.

Monday's rain caused flooding along Selden Avenue and Hatton Street, a main detour for the Campostella neighborhood during the $776,000 project. The downpour flooded parts of several streets, causing a traffic jam on the small, residential streets. Some people said it was nearly impossible to get out of their driveways because of all the cars and trucks maneuvering around the standing water.

Among other complaints: families don't feel it's safe for their children to play in the yard because of all the tractor-trailers coming through.

One woman talked about a rig that came through and knocked down the cable line, her cable line and knocked her cable out.

City crews are installing 19 storm water inlets and approximately 1,800 linear feet of storm drainage pipe to help address flooding.

City of Norfolk spokeswoman Lori Crouch says the project is about 60 percent complete.

'The city is required by law to maintain Erosion & Sediment Control (E&SC). What's happening is the E&SC is preventing rainwater from flowing into the pipes. We have staff working with the contractor to suggest ways to maintain compliance but allow the water to flow,' Crouch wrote in an email Tuesday.

'Once the remaining storm water inlets and piping are installed and there are no more areas of exposed earth or stockpiles of fill materials on site, the contractor will be allowed to remove the erosion control measures and make the newly installed storm water control measures functional,' Crouch added.

The Conoga and Cypress Street Drainage Improvement project is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Residents welcome the upgrade, but are concerned that they didn't see this kind of flooding until construction began.

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