VIRGINIA BEACH-From coast to coast, veterans are demanding that Washington to listen to their concerns and do what they promise they'll do.

'We strongly believe that Veterans were used as pawns by all politicians during the government shutdown, and that no one party owns Veterans issues. We just want our Veterans benefits to be paid, and help by shining the light of day on that story,' said Candace Wheeler.

Concerned Veterans for America's Freedom Tour stopped in Norfolk and Va. Beach Thursday.

Among the speakers was LTC Steve Russell, who led the team charged with hunting down and capturing Saddam Hussein.

Members said kicking the can down the road (speaking of the government shutdown)doesn't help America's military men and women. They also voiced concern for the backlog of Veterans benefits and the number of veterans who take their own lives.

As they spoke in Va. Beach, the group tweeted, 'We fought for freedom and we will continue to keep our boots on the ground and demand fiscal responsibility from Washington.'

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