What is it? a silicone cover that fits on top of your pot or pan and keeps whatever your are cooking from boiling over or whatever you're frying from spattering everywhere

What does it claim? that it's cool touch technology and flexible design helps stop over-boiling and spills

Who tested it? Norfolk resident and busy mother of four Anne Marie Wynne

What Are The Instructions? Before you place Snap2Strain Spill Stopper on top of a boiling pot, be sure the clear, hard plastic cap with knob is locked in place in the middle of the product.

Using the handles, place Spill Stopper on the pot face up. It's important to note that you need to make sure the silicone is in CONCAVE position with the design facing upwards. Just leave it on the pot until the cooking is done. Use potholders or oven mitts to remove Spill Stopper from the pot (make sure any liquid drains into the pot.)

If you want to use the Spill Stopper as a splatter guard, REMOVE the hard clear plastic cap before use.

Did it work? Wynnethought it did a great job keeping her pot of pasta from boiling over. With four children, she's often called away from a boiling pot of pasta to help with homework or to prepare other aspects of the meal. That can lead to the pot boiling over and the starchy pasta water getting all over her stove. Wynne also was impressed because Snap2Strain Spill Stopper kept her pot from boiling over. She even put extra water in the pot and kept it on high for a long time and it still never boiled over.

Now when it came to using it to keep her bacon grease from splattering, she was not so impressed. She said it sat too low on the pan and it actually caused her bacon to burn. She thought it might work a little better with ground beef or other foods.

Overall, Wynne felt that was not as big a concern for her as keeping a pot from boiling over. So for that reason, she said she would definitely recommend this product. In fact she already put it on her Christmas wish list.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Snap2Strain Spill Stopper $14.97 at Walmart.

Spill Stopper is dishwasher and microwave safe.

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