VIRGINIA BEACH -- Virginia Beach City Council heard two new proposals about extending light rail to the Beach during an informal workshop Tuesday.

The first proposal, called 'Reach the Beach,' would extend the Tide all the way to the Oceanfront. The proposal was submitted by Parson's Construction Group.

The second proposal, called 'The Wave,' would be a separate rail system from the Tide.
The Wave would be a driverless, elevated rail system and would require riders to get off the Tide at Newtown Road and board the new system. It would extend to the Convention Center. It was proposed by American Magleve Technology.

An initial proposal that would extend light rail to Rosemont was already submitted to council by Philip Shucet Company, in a partnership with SKANSKA and AECOM.

The proposals will be made public within 10 days if the Council decides to accept them Tuesday.

From there, the council will review the proposals, which could take several months.

Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe spoke Monday about his desire to see light rail extended to Virginia Beach.

'One important issue that I did campaign on -- it is time we took light rail all the way from our naval base all the way to Virginia Beach,' said McAuliffe.

Cost estimates put an extension from Newtown Road to Rosemont Road at over $400 million. From there to the Oceanfront, the price tag could reach $1 billion.

McAuliffe says investing in transportation is necessary to keep the region's economy growing.

'We want to make sure more military assets are being moved to the area, but they will not do that if we don't fix transportation. People have to be able to move around,' said McAuliffe.

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