UPDATE 5/23: Shymeek Laron Stanfield was arrested without incident Friday.

Stanfield was wanted by police after he was released from custody back in January, officials told

He is currently in Smithfield Jail awaiting prosecution.
UPDATE 1/15 5:50pm

Smithfield police have arrested 25-year-old Shymeek Laron Stanfield of Newport News and charged him with the murder of 36-year-oldTravis Newby, a crime that occurred onDecember 19th, 2012 in the Jersey Park Apartments on Main Street. Stanfield also faces charges of conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Stanfield was arrested on Monday in Hampton by USMarshals.

In a statement, Chief Steven Bowman says 'We are extremely pleased to arrest the individual responsible for this senseless act of violence'.


SMITHFIELD-On December 19, 2012, 36-year old Travis Newby realized someone was in his Smithfield apartment, rummaging through his things.

He'd been robbed before and he didn't want it to happen again, so he ran outside and yelled for help.

'As Travis is holding the door shut, calling for the police, the guy opens the window and pushes out the screen and jumps out the window,' recalls Detective Chris Meier.

During a confrontation, two shots rang out. One hit Newby.

Before he died, he told detectives he didn't recognize the man and it wasn't the person who robbed him before.

it's been nearly a year and Newby's mother is hoping someone will help her find justice for her only son.

'I just never dreamed, I never thought God would let that happen to my child,' said Francine Johnson.

That same night, his girlfriend, Shaunita Lyde, was going to tell Newby she was pregnant. She gave birth to Travis Junior, who's four moths old now.

'My son will never get a chance to know his dad. He did nothing to deserve it. What am I supposed to say my son?,' she wonders.

Police arrested one person, but he was released because witnesses refused to testify.

Authorities say as many as five people may be involved in the murder. If you know anything that can help, call Smithfield Police or Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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