VIRGINIA BEACH -- Santa Claus' spirits were high (as you might expect) Saturday as family after family visited him for some good cheer and a whole lot of goodwill.The Christmastime fun was made possible by the Making a Difference Foundation."It's an excellent opportunity to show the kids the good that is being done in the community," noted Latasha Holloway.Alicia Fernandez Bobulinski and her husband launched the foundation more than 20 years ago. It continues its grassroots efforts to help families in need address minority health issues, to assist in education, and to provide food and clothing."We're blessed. We actually count it as a blessing because when you give, money can't touch that. It's just a feeling from the inside, so that's why we do it," said Fernandez Bobulinski.The lines were long at Frankie's Place for Ribs which hosted the event in the Fairfield Shopping Center."Life as a single parent can be challenging. It has its ups and downs," shared Tomeka Nixon, "but with the help of God and I have a good family support system, and I am able to get through and make ends meet."Each child received a couple of gifts.Volunteers from as far away as Gloucester made the drive to help Santa.

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