CHESAPEAKE - The presents have been opened; now it's time to return the gifts that weren't quite right.

Stores were expecting shoppers to again make the day after Christmas one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Retailers were having after-Christmas sales and hoping to get more sales. Shoppers could expect deep price cuts on holiday decorations, winter clothing and many electronics.

Analysts say the 26th is a big day for people to use those gift cards they received.

National Retail Federation says the holiday season can represent as much as 20-40% of annual sales. In 2012, holiday sales represented 19.3% of total retail industry sales. This year, there were 26 days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are returning or exchanging an item, check the return policy right away. Some places give only short window of time to make the change. The NRF says it's important to know the return policies as many retailers are changing them be cause of fraud. In 2012, according to NRF's Return Fraud survey, retailers estimated they would lose $2.9 billion due to return fraud during the holiday season.

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